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Mostyn Street

Mostyn Street is the main high street of Llandudno. It runs behind parallel to the promenade road and is almost as long as the promenade road. It runs all the way from the top of town near the Empire Hotel right down to the bottom of town near Mostyn Broadway. Mostyn Street is the home of many stores and cafe’s offering their own services to you as customers. There are many businesses covering Mostyn Street, from small pound shops to worldwide stores like HMV and Game. As well as these stores there are also many banks and building societies, a library, two arcades and a library in the centre. Llandudno being a very religious area there are also many churches in town that stretch down.
Many visitors who go to the town of Llandudno hear about 2 sections of Mostyn Street. Upper and Lower Mostyn, and some of them believe that each part of the street are in completely different places where as in actual fact the street is just split in two by a roundabout.

Mostyn Street is forever changing, everytime tourists visit Llandudno I guarantee the selection of stores and cafes along Mostyn Street is different to the previous time they visited. All of the stores are in competition with each other to try and gain the highest amount of revenue as they can so the prices of the goods and services they supply is very reasonable.

At the end of Mostyn Street you can find Parc Llandudno which hosts larger stores such as Debenhams, Boots, River Island etc. These stores offer more goods than in the town, and they also have a large car park so many customers travel to Park Llandudno rather than town as it is more accessible. Saying this, many people do not like Parc Llandudno as they believe the larger stores are ruining local businesses as they can afford to have large sales across their entire range of goods, so many visitors of Llandudno visit the town centre to help out local businesses, even if they do have to spend that little bit extra.

Just after Parc Llandudno is another large shopping area called Mostyn Champneys. This holds more larger stores of a different nature. Down here you will find the Argos store, Home bargains, Currys/PC World, Comet. It even has a bowling centre and a Mcdonalds. This area gets very busy in the day time as there is a large enough range of stores to purchasing everything you would need and as they can afford to host sales on their goods, many of the prices are low all year round.

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