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Haulfre Gardens

Haulfre Gardens is a short walk right across the face of the Great Orme, giving great views of Llandudno and the Conwy Mountains, along the way you will gain access to the Zig Zag path which leads to the Orme’s summit and you will come across wildlife and a small cafe at the end offering a selection of food and drink.
Haulfre Gardens is a lovely walk across the face of the Great Orme. It may sound treacherous and dangerous but a safe suitable path has been built using tarmac to ensure a safe journey without any accidents. When viewed from below the Haulfre Gardens path looks very high up, but in actual fact it is only around a quarter of the way up the Great Orme, so it isn’t as high as the Orme’s summit but the walk still gives you the same experience as walking along the summit. The Haulfre Gardens path stretches from West Shore all the way to the top of Llandudno’s town. The Path splits off into many different directions at different points of the journey. For example, after the first part of the path has been endured the path takes a sharp left but following the path takes you right up to the Great Orme summit. The path is called the Zig Zag path as from below the viewer can literally see a Zig Zag running from Haulfre Gardens path right up through the rocks and reaches the very top. This path is a much steeper path so only the walkers with more energy should attempt this method of reaching the summit. Never the less it can be done; it may just take more time than originally planned.
Towards the end of Haulfre Gardens there is a small café called Haulfre Tea Rooms which can service all your needs with helpings of food such as Teacakes and both hot and cold drinks refreshing the energy you just lost when venturing over the paths.
If you are interested in flowers then Haulfre Gardens is definitely a place you should visit. The scenery of the Gardens is beautiful in its own way with flowers spreading throughout the area and with the areas made up of rockery formed on the Orme. With the flowers growing around the rocks and other areas makes the gardens look like a wonderful place with a perfect natural atmosphere.
Haulfre Gardens has no designated parking areas, but has a very easy method of access for all visitors. So advice from many around the area is to walk from town the Gardens as it will make it a much easier and stress relief day for you as well as others around you who are in the same situation.


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