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Victorian Llanduno Pier

Llandudno Pier is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the town. 
The Victorian Pier in Llandudno was built and opened in the year 1858 and was just 242 ft long. The reason for this length was due to the owners planning to build a major port. This plan however was ruined when the pier was severely damaged by the great storm of October 25th 1859.

The pier of Llandudno is host to many things such as the shops that stretch across the surface, the two arcades at the beginning and the end. It is also home to a great fishing spot where many local fishermen visit and try their luck at catching some of the sea’s creatures. The pier stretches out from the foot of the Great Orme into the centre of the North Shore’s waters.
The Victorian pier is not in its original state from when it was first created by the Victorians. The floor surface material has been changed and most of the fencing around the side has been completely changed due to the metal being destroyed by the weather and causing potential damage to the pier itself. Although the pier may have been changed in areas, the pier itself still looks the same as it did when it was first built. The style has been kept the same and all the designs along the sides of the pier have been kept the same so many visitors wouldn’t realise areas have been rebuilt.

The pier is a great area to visit with the family as there are attractions along the way for everyone to enjoy. At the beginning of the pier are small stores offering drinks, ice creams, rock and candy floss, as well as souvenirs representing Llandudno and other local Welsh areas. After these stores is one of two large arcades offering classic arcades games such as “House of Dead” with light guns all the way to penny machines. There are also many slot machines dotted around the area offering large prizes.
Following on from the arcade are many more stores until the end of the pier is reached. After around a 10/15 minute walk the main cafe is reached. This offers hot meals, sandwiches, cold drinks and hot drinks. Next to the cafe is the second large arcade situated inside a large dome room that has been on the pier since it was first designed and built. This arcade has many of the machines that are featured in the arcade at the beginning of the pier including more interact able machines such as a clay pigeon shooting game where the player will use a light gun and press a button to activate a virtual clay pigeon meaning they have to shoot it down and score points.

Finally, right at the end of the pier is the large fishing area that can only be accessed by fishermen as it can be dangerous right at the end. The fence is very thin and rusty from the water below and most of the area itself is covered in water from large waves splashing up against the sides.

The views from the end of the pier are brilliant as the whole of Llandudno’s promenade can be seen allowing all of the hotels that spread across the shore to be viewed from a distance. Also the Great Orme and the Little Orme can be seen very clearly giving the viewer some great settings to capture some great photos for the family collection.

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