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St Tudno

Tudno came to the Great Orme as a missionary to spread the word of God and the Christian Faith. He then built a church on the Great Orme which is still used as a place of worship today.
Legend has it, that Tudno, a Welsh Christian Missionary ventured up the Great Orme in the 6th century to build a church and spread the word of God and his personal Christian faith. To this day the church still stands but none of the current building is from the original building, sadly the whole church was destroyed and no remains were found. However, the oldest part of St Tudno’s church is from the 12th century with in itself is a very long time for a church built on top of a mountain to still be in good condition and still standing. Tudno was then canonized for his good works on when promoting the Christian faith and word of God.
The ancient Church of Tudno is a place of pilgrimage, peace and prayer and is still a place of worship today. They hold many sermons for all to visit and sit with one another and take in the word of God and of course the Christian faith. The church holds open air sermons throughout the summer when the weather is permitting and allows them to hold services on a lovely day. The church also holds events that help bring revenue to the actual church itself. For example, St Tudno’s church are planning to replace their church roof, and are selling slates to the church visitors and allowing them to have their name carved into the new slates so that the underneath of the Church roof will bear all the donators names. Due to the tiles being carved on the underside means the names will not be effect by the weather and disappear within a couple of days, they will be preserved and possibly viewed the next time the roof needs replacing.
The church is open every day between the months of April and October, and it stays open on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesday s and Bank Holidays from November through to March. So if you are around on any of those days be sure to sure to visit St Tudno’s church as not only is it a place of worship and the word of God, it is also a place of history.
The area around the church is so peaceful only the sound of the wind and seagulls can be heard. The church is situated in the centre of a large green area around half way up the Great Orme. This gives the Church its own atmosphere, as well as it being completely natural and green; it is the perfect place to hear the Word of God and say your prayers in the peace in which the area offers.

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