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Other sights

There are many different sights that can be visited whilst staying in Llandudno. These range from natural formed sights to manmade sights. The majority of Llandudno was built up in the Victorian times in the 1800’s so most of the area still represents the Victorian feeling. There is a list below of what else can be seen in Llandudno;

Venue Cymru

The North Wales Theatre situated in the centre of the prom on Penrhyn Crescent is a very popular choice by many visitors and residents. The theatre has hosted many great shows and acts ranging from stand up comedians such as Jimmy Carr to bands such as Status Quo. The theatre was built in 1995 and went in a major stage o redevelopment in 2006. The project was to basically extend the building itself allowing more activities to take place. When it reopened again in 2006 there was a special concert by The Manic Street Preachers to celebrate the opening of the new building. Since the theatre has been reopened, it has become the premier place in North Wales to see bands, artists, opera, shows and comedians.

Victorian Extravaganza

The Victorian Extravaganza is a time when the town is at its busiest. This is because may different things arrive in the town of Llandudno. These range from rides all the way to large victorian steam vehicles. The rides are mainly victorian style rides some even original rides where as others are quite modern rides just aiming at the younger generation.

Within the Extravaganza is a parade that includes everything that has travelled to the Extravaganza including musicians, people dressed as victorians, old victorian motor vehicles and large steam based vehicles that attract many to come watch. Although the town is very busy at this time, it is definately one of the best times to visit Llandudno as it could include something you may be into and it is a great weekend for the family to get together and have a fun time.

The Extravaganza this year was a great success. It was on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May so next year it will be on similar dates, but these dates will be announced as the year 2011 begins.

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