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Copper Mines

The Copper Mines buried deep within the Great Orme is possibly the largest in the World featuring many tunnels, large caverns and a very large amount still to uncover, with areas dating 4000 years ago into the Bronze age.
The Great Orme Copper Mines is the most extensive Copper Mine discovered in the Whole of Western Europe. Rumour has it that development and work on the Copper Mine on the Great Orme began over 3500 years ago.
The Copper mine was uncovered in 1987 when an area of the Great Orme was potentially being developed. The Copper Mines were one of the most amazing discoveries by archaeologists at the recent time.
Over the past 20 years or so, mining engineers, cavers and archaeologists have visited the Great Orme Copper Mines and have slowly uncovered more and more tunnels and large caverns underneath the Orme’s surface. It is believed to be the Largest mine discovered so far in the world, with even more areas to find in the future.
Overall, the Copper Mines on the Great Orme compel a great day out for the whole family. Although there is quite a lot of walking, your body is driven by the pure fascination of being inside the orme, wondering how far beneath the surface you are actually walking and wondering whose footsteps you could be walking in. The staff members of the Copper Mines are very friendly and love to show visitors around on guided tours explaining almost every bit of history they know about the mines. The company provide the safety helmets and torches to all visitors and make sure that every step of the way is a safe and enjoyable one.  As well as learning all there is to know about the Copper Mines, it also gives the visitors are brief example of what it would have been like to live in the caves as their prehistoric ancestors once did thousands of years ago.

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