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The Great Orme

The Great Orme was formed when the majority of North Wales was covered in the sea, and is composed of limestone rock. The creation of the Orme dates back around 300 to 350 million years ago, in the Carboniferous Period when many of today’s rocks were formed from the skeletons and shells of the prehistoric creatures that roamed the earth all that time ago.
The name “The Great Orme” is believed to come from the Old Norse word “Horma Hava” meaning dragon or sea monster. The Orme was given this name as it does appear as though it is a monster rising from the sea when viewed from a distance. Even today, visitors of Llandudno see the Orme shape and comment on how it looks like a crocodile as the way the Orme has shaped over the years does make it appear as though it is a large crocodile lieing across the head on Llandudno staring out to sea.
The Great Orme is currently home to many attractions that will suit many tourists and complete a great day. There are activities for families with both young and older children and attractions for walkers and mountaineers. The Orme itself is quite a walk to the top to this could suit many walkers especially with the Summit Complex at the top serving hot food and drinks. But if walking is not your favourite aspect of a holiday the Great Orme tram ride is a very comfortable method to reach the top of the Orme. This starts from the foot of the Orme and travels right up to the Summit with a half way station along the way allowing the visitors to swap trams during their journey. There are other methods of travelling to the top such as following the roads to the summit or if you are feeling daring you could take the Cable Car to the Summit. However this starts in Happy Valley which is a small uphill walk, but to many visitors this walk is nothing compared to some of the paths to the top.
If heights is not your thing then perhaps a nice journey around Marine Drive is your choice. The 4 mile journey runs right around the Orme starting from Happy Valley on the North Shore and finishing on West Shore. Marine Drive can be walked around, driven around or even cycled around. Whichever method is chosen the outcome is still a nice journey around the tip on Llandudno.

The name "Orme" is believed to be deriven from the Old Norse word "Horma Hava", meaning dragon or sea monster. The name believed to originate from the look of the Orme, as from a distance it looks like a monster rising from the sea. Even today, the Orme is affectionately known as "The Alligator" or "The Crocodile", due to it's appearance.

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