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Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a four mile road around the back of the Great Orme Headland. This road travels from North Shore to West Shore and passes the Great Orme Lighthouse and the “rest and be thankful” halfway cafe. This can be driven, cycled or walked, or better yet the coach trip around is very relaxing.
The Marine Drive is a four mile scenic route that stretches right around the back of the Great Orme headland. It stretches from Happy Valley on North Shore all the way around to West Shore on the opposite side of Llandudno. Marine Drive itself has much to offer and interest the visitors who want to venture around the path. Mari ne drive can be either walked around or driven around, but if the path is driven around then the driver will be charged a fee of £2.50 as the road is a toll road, but this payment includes parking at the top of the orme in the Summit Car Park if the driver wants to venture up there after their journey around the Orme.  The first 3½ miles is a one way road so the driver shouldn’t meet anyone travelling towards them but the roads should still be taken slowly as there are blind corners and many drops on the other side towards the sea so it should always be taken with care. Along the road there are many places to park so the drivers can always stop and enjoy the sea view or possibly stop for some food or a family picnic on the side. Better yet, the coach ride around the Orme from the Prince Edward Gardens, on the North Shore Promenade, takes you along Marine Drive, showing the views at a leisurely pace and even stops off at the half way cafe giving you enough time to purchase a drink and a light snack before enduring the final part of the journey.
Marine Drive is a great bike ride for all the family, just remember you will need gears to tackle all the hills both up and down so make sure your bike is fitted with working brakes and working gears to make the journey much more enjoyable.
Along Marine Drive you will see a small building that has the appearance of a small castle. It is in fact a lighthouse that was once used to warn boats that the Orme was close, but now all boats, including smaller fishing boats have a radar fitted there is no longer a demand for lighthouses so the building was changed to a Bed and Breakfast offering a lovely stay in a very quiet area right above the sea.

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