Bed and Breakfasts in Llandudno

Bed and Breakfasts are a great means of accommodation whilst staying in Llandudno. There are many throughout the town, usually located within five minutes walk of the town centre.

Often family owned, these bed and breakfasts usually offer breakfast but not an evening meal. Do not worry, however: Llandudno boasts an array of restaurants and cafés to see you through lunch and dinner time.

Finding a bed and breakfast is easier when a directory is consulted: there are many online directories for bed and breakfasts in Llandudno. You can count on your rooms being clean, and the staff being friendly, as in the case in most family-run businesses.

Remember, you will be staying in somebody’s house, so it’s best to consider the following:

Pets: Do the owners permit pets in the bed and breakfast?

Children: Some B & B’s are for adults only. It’s best to check.

Dietary Requirements: If you have special dietary needs, check with the owners to see if they can cater.

Location: Is the Bed and Breakfast close to where you wish to spend much of your time or a long way away?

Parking: Are there sufficient parking spaces?

Smoking: It’s very important to check on this one if you smoke, though in the UK the answer will usually be ‘no’.

Overall, a bed and breakfast is a fantastic place to stay when visiting Llandudno. They are small-scale, clean and family run, and you are usually guaranteed a friendly, hospitable and enjoyable stay.