Campsites in North Wales

Camping is the ultimate way to experience North Wales and Llandudno: a real feeling of connection to the earth and nature. Camping is extremely popular in the area, especially among outdoor pursuers and hikers who make the most of Snowdonia’s jagged peaks.

Many campsites in the Llandudno area also offer facilities for caravanning, though it’s best to check as some do not. Location is extremely important here, especially for those who plan to travel without a car. Bus and rail services in Snowdonia are very limited away from the coastline and tourism is often impossible without a car (possible on bikes, but very tiring), therefore choosing the location of your campsite is a top priority.

It’s best to check with the owners of the campsites whether they permit fires, pets or caravans. It’s also very important to check to weather forecast and, if possible, choose to camp during a dry period (rain in the Llandudno area comes hard when it does).

Overall, camping can be the most rewarding way to spend time in Llandudno and North Wales. Make sure your tent is thoroughly waterproof and that you have plenty of pegs to secure it to the (often sodden) ground.

Here are a few things to consider when booking a campsite in North Wales:

Services: Most campsites have toilets and showers, though it’s best to check. Some boast an on-site convenience store. Inquire as to whether the campsite provides an electrical hook-up facility.

Location: Is it close to the area you wish to visit most? This is especially important for those who will not be driving.

Caravans: Are caravans permitted?