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Commodore House

LL29 7AW

{NAME} uVme is a fast-moving and unique online gaming business that combines three of the most exciting phenomena on the internet: ONLINE GAMES, SOCIAL NETWORKING WITH INSTANT LIVE COMMUNICATION, and Social Marketing. This market is so powerful, itís growing four times faster than the Internet. Itís NEW, VIBRANT, DYNAMIC, and above all else, itís FUN. And you can join today and it wonít cost you a single penny. The online games business, although already massive, is extra special right now because of the timing. Timing is critical in business, and this market is emerging as the next evolutionary step in online entertainment. It's about to explode. The market today (2007) is approximately worth $164 USD per second ($5.2 billion USD annually), and in the next 156 weeks is expected to grow to $412 USD per second Ė of every minute of every day, and growing. UvMe

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