Work Wraps Up on £24.5m Llandudno Junction Housing Scheme

Break time coffeeThough it might have appeared a brave decision when first announced in the midst of a recession, it has turned out to be a great one to build 182 new houses in the Victoria Park scheme over 5 years of hard work.

£24.5m was spent on bringing 182 new homes to Llandudno Junction and they aren’t going dormant either – 30 houses a year have been sold since work started in 2009. After the final house was sold, it was announced that the project had brought in £5million to the local economy and a further £1million in council tax from the new homeowners over the past half-decade.

In addition, the scheme has also provided 100 construction jobs and has been a huge boost to the profile of the area. Llandudno Junction is most commonly associated with its train station and not much else so this is a great step towards it gaining a better image, especially after the recent shops opening and businesses starting up.

Aberconwy AM Janet Finch-Saunders said: “They have certainly provided much needed investment and infrastructure here within the constituency of Aberconwy.

“People don’t tend to realise the value of a development like this to the local economy – it has actually taken £24.5 million in investment and we need more of it.

“It’s fair to say that this development has Macbryde’s name (the company behind the builds) which is a quality name. The fact that the houses have sold throughout says a lot about the developer.

“It also says a lot about where people actually want to come to live and I’m delighted with the number of houses here now and this development is going to bring over 300 people in to Aberconwy who’ve chosen to live and work here.”

Let’s hope that Llandudno’s smaller brother continues to have more success in the future and that stories like this are reported more often!

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