Llandudno Jazz Festival

The wonderful town of Llandudno is the seemingly unlikely setting for the modern jazz connoisseur and a marvelous weekend away for anyone who enjoys brilliant music and delicious food in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. The festival is set to feature celebrated Jazz stars in a relaxed environment. The main festival marquee will showcase a wealth of the best jazz from all over across the three days of festivities. Over 40 artists will be making their way to this culturally incredible town to present a magnificent range of the highest quality jazz there is to offer.

Any local jazz fan would be devastated to miss this event, so book your tickets now. Festival marquees will be adorning the town, specifically the unbelievable setting of Bodafon fields which is blessed with a sweeping ocean view from which one can dream of life beyond the sea, gaze at it wonderfully while enjoying the best loved jazz masterpieces gracing your ears.

The festival is sure to place yet another pin of culture on the map of Llandudno, and expected to attract visitors from all over the local area to bask in the wonderful vibrations of jazz.

Prepare for the likes of Bruce Adams, Neil Yates, Anita Wardell, Alan Barnes, Mark Nightingale, Trefor Owen     and Darius Brubeck. These established Jazz acts have come from all over the UK, with the Darius Brubeck quartet being headed by the brilliant eponymous Darius, professor of Jazz Studies coming from London.

Local legend however Trefor Owen is highly regarded as being responsible for The North Wales Jazz society, which is a massively important part of the local scene.

The festival will be taking place from the 24th to the 26th of June, and you can get these from the Venue Cymru’s Website here. Have a great time… and all that jazz!

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