Llandudno High Street on a High

One of the most unwelcome sights in these financial times of difficulty is the closing down of shops on our high street. All boarded up with no life left in them with only a few of the most popular left still standing. However, recent news has suggested there may be further reason to visit Llandudno after all.

The Llandudno Victoria Centre has long been the hub for all ranges of shops and trades but there have been a couple of vacancies since the economic strife of recent years. That’s all set to change though as after the opening of two new stores and further additions to come, the future looks assured in the jewel of the crown of the Queen of Welsh Resorts.

The two companies, Rectella and Code Cosmetics, have filled the vacant stores amidst the news of footfall improving for the whole centre; unfathomable in the darker days of the recession where it seemed like they were dropping everywhere.  The most publicised of these closures would have to be Jessop’s earlier in the year.

Such news looks to gladly be a thing of the past now though as new stores continue to pop-up throughout the town. A patisserie and an artist’s gallery are amongst the additions touted for success with possibilities in Cwrt Roger Mostyn for an electronics business and a coffee wholesaler also in the pipeline.

Trish Roberts of the new Rectalla store echoed these sentiments: “We were delighted at the way the store took off so well in Llandudno, and it is going from strength to strength. We have obviously filled a gap in the market, so it bodes well for a successful future here.”

As Llandudno begins to prosper again, it looks as if this historic town may have come out of the other end of the recession for the better and people will surely continue to flock to its streets in even higher numbers.

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