Famous Llandudno Department Store to Receive £100k Revamp

beautiful mannequin womanYou may have walked past it many times in Llandudno without realising what it is, but these new plans to revive Clare’s department store could see an end to that in the near future.

One of the seaside town’s most famous places to shop has had the spotlight taken from it in recent years because of the development of two shopping centres on the outskirts of Llandudno. Their upmarket selections have faltered in the face of more affordable competitors just down the road which has brought about this most recent development.

£100k is being pumped into the store to broaden the ranges and introduce more diversity in the hope of inspiring the casual customer to come in and buy. Fashion, accessories and homeware will be available from a boutique-esque setting and will also have Moda in Pelle’s new shoe department.
The changes have been put into place this Saturday just past (September 27th) and now it’s a case of seeing if this illustrious shop bringing back the attention it richly deserves. It has been open since 1927 and has gone through many transformations with this one, which also offers click & collect for customers, being the most ambitious for a long time.

It was originally an independent store selling china and all kinds of kitchenware opened by Robert Clare Baxter before his death in 1950 saw it fall into the hands of his family. Ulster Stores acquired the business back in 2002.

Clare’s managing director Neville Moore said: “Clare’s is one of the oldest businesses in Llandudno and dates back to 1927.

“In reinventing the store we have drawn on its heritage, adapting it to produce an exciting new shopping environment, where the new exclusive and premium brands will sit.

“While some retailers have reduced their footprint in the area we have made the decision to invest in our business and differentiate ourselves from other retailers in the region to provide customers with a shopping environment range of lifestyle brands more akin to London than Llandudno.

“In this way we believe we are primed to better serve our customers and importantly secure the businesses future.”

“Beautiful Mannequin Woman” by www.flickr.com/photos/epsos, license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0 – 29/09/2014

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