Activities and Attractions in Llandudno

Llandudno remains a popular tourist destination because of the incredible different sights and activities that are available; this is a guide to let you know of all the different activities that you can take part in.

The Great Orme

The great Orme has been an incredible sight, held in esteem for centuries by many different people. Settlers next to the Orme began to mine the vast copper deposits in the limestone headland, while Viking reavers who were sailing along the coast gave it the name of ‘Orme’ which comes from the old Norse for ‘sea serpent’. The Orme now serves as a base for a number of activities that is partaken in by the local community and visitors alike.

Llandudno Ski Slope

Llandudno Ski slope is located on the great Orme, laid with the highest quality artificial Perma-snow it provides an incredible day out for anyone interested at starting the sport, with lessons available, or for experienced skiers or snowboarders who just want to have a free run of things. Complete with lift, the slope offers a safe environment in which to have some incredible fun for the family, or for birthday parties. Llandudno Ski Slope is also home to Britain’s largest toboggan run, definitely worth a visit with no prior experience needed just to have some fast downhill fun. Along with a great café centre with quality food to restore your energy after a tiring day on the slopes.

Great Orme Mines

The Great Orme mines are the largest prehistoric mine discovered so far in the world, and dates back 4,000 years to the Bronze Age. It wasn’t uncovered till 1987 during a scheme to landscape an area of the great Orme. It changed our view of the ancient people of Britain and their civilization dramatically, and over the past 21 years archaeologists have been discovering more and more tunnels. The Great Orme mines are open for casing and an enjoyable and educational experience is readily available for all the family. It is truly an incredible experience walking through the same tunnel as someone else had 3500 years ago.  The tour includes a visit through the Bronze Age Cavern, which was dug out 3,500 years ago by miners who had nothing more than some stone and bone tools.

Great Orme Tramway

The Great Orme is an incredible headland that’s for sure, and with incredible views from the summit it is a must see. For the reason of tourists flocking to the Orme, a tramway was built in order to make the Orme more accessible for people who wanted to see the summit, but couldn’t be doing with the walk, or older people who are unable to make the walk. The tramway is the worlds oldest cable hauled tram and has been in use for over 100 years, opening on July 31st 1902. The trams have been kept running thanks to careful restoration and maintenance ready for another hundred years of use. The Tramway is a perfect medium of getting up the Orme, and is perfect for family and school visits.

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