3 Reasons to Visit Llandudno

LlandudnoThinking of coming to Llandudno but not quite swayed enough to make the journey? Well, we don’t know what you’re waiting for as you are missing out bit time on all that it has to offer!

There are many reasons why Llandudno was inducted into the top 10 holiday destinations in the UK and any local will be able to tell you that it deserves a slightly higher position than the 8th place it managed. To tempt you just a little bit more, here are 3 of the reasons why you should visit Llandudno.

1. A change of pace
Though by no means a dead town, Llandudno offers something quieter when compared to most cities. Sure, it can be a little congested during Summer but what do you expect when it’s so attractive to holidaymakers all year long?

However, nobody’s in a rush to get anywhere in Llandudno – everyone takes things in their stride as it’s worlds apart from hectic urban life and could be the perfect opportunity for you to relax too.

2. The sense of history
Whether you have an eye for it or not, the history of Llandudno as a real hotspot during Victorian times is evident throughout but don’t start thinking it’s ancient!

The many museums dotted all over the seaside town offer fascinating information about Llandudno’s past and you can even lose a day exploring its past instead of its present. Bound to be a real lure for many people who want to uncover the secrets of a time gone by.

3. The shopping
Now this is what keeps the people coming as the famous high street of Llandudno is always packed with eager shoppers, not to mention its two business parks which are hugely popular.

From the boutique to the chain store, you will be able to shop until you drop at the Queen of Welsh Resorts with there being plenty of brilliant coffee shops to unwind in after a long day spent on your feet.

Although we have picked just three, there are almost ten times more reasons to visit than that so be sure to take a trip here soon and discover them all.

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